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Our Teachers

Passionate. Dedicated. Caring.

Katie Rosenthal



Parent Liaison 

Playdough Maker

Banana Bread Baker

Letter Sound Specialist

Fingerplay Leader 

Deep Breaths Coach

Felt Board Creator

Tara headshot.jpg


Organizer of All Things

Smoothie Maker

"Ouchie" Fixer

Nap Whisperer

Artwork Displayer

Swing Pusher 


Tara Jeanetta

Taylor Fall23.JPG

Assistant Teacher

Dance Party DJ

Storytime Reader


"Big Emotions" Regulator

Jacket Zipperer

Problem Solving Assistant

Kindness Mentor

Taylor Davidson

Assistant Teacher
Fall 23 Audrey.JPG

Assistant Teacher

Perler Bead Fuser

Baseball Pitcher

Bug Finder

Tree Climbing Encourager

Coloring Buddy

Driveway Running Racer 

Hug Giver

Audrey Menor

Assistant Teacher

Music Specialist

Creative Movement Guide

Singing Coach

Rhythm Director

Instrument Caretaker

Catchy-Song Starter

Best Part of Thursday Mornings at HVP

Rachel Mason

Music Specialist

Katie Rosenthal 

In Child Care Since: 2006

At Hidden Valley Since: 2010

In 2002, Katie moved from Minneapolis to attend college at St. Scholastica and has happily called Duluth home ever since.   After graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Elementary Education and a math specialty, Katie substitute taught in the Duluth Public School District until she helped open Hidden Valley Preschool in 2010. In 2018, Katie took over as Director and moved the school to its current location. She absolutely loves her job and can't imagine doing anything else!


It is clear that she has an innate talent in working with the preschool age group and realizing each of their individual potentials. The children are always engaged and excited to learn with her fun, hands-on activities and ever-changing lesson plans. 

Katie lives with her husband, Jeff, their daughter Grace, son Ethan, 2 kittens Oreo and Cookie, and dog Winston. 

Miss Katie's favorites:

Author: Mo Willems

Fruit: Raspberries

Dessert: Dark chocolate anything

Hobby: Knitting

Fall activity: Hikes to see fall colors while searching for acorns

Winter activity: Downhill skiing

Spring activity: Puddle jumping and watching the preschoolers make mud creations

Summer activity: Bare feet in sand and cabin time with family

Quote: "Do the best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou 


Tara Jeanetta

In Child Care Since: 2011

At Hidden Valley Since: 2011

Tara is a lifelong Duluth resident. Before working at Hidden Valley, she worked as a summer nanny, assisted at a daycare, trained in early childhood, and raised her own children.


Tara has a gift for working with young children. Her positive energy and love for our preschoolers shines the minute she walks through the door each day. They literally chant, "Miss Ta-ra! Miss Ta-ra!" when they see her arrive every day. Every. Single. Day. Her patience, kindness, and encouragement brings comfort to the students, and inspires them to learn, grow, and explore. 

Tara loves spending quality time with her 3 kids Dominik, Alexa, and Amaya. They enjoy doing arts and crafts, reading, family bike rides, playing at the park or just watching movies together. Tara also prides herself on being a dance/gymnastics/soccer mom!

Miss Tara's Favorites:

Color: Pink

Restaurant: Mexico Lindo 

Flower: Sunflower 

Children’s Book: Elephant and Piggie's Let’s Go For a Drive by Mo Willems

Dessert: Cheesecake 

Drink: Coffee

Song to sing at school: Mr. Sun

Winter Activity: Watching Bulldogs hockey games

Quote: “You are stronger than you seem, braver than you believe, and smarter than you think you are.” - Winnie The Pooh

Taylor Fall23 kids_edited.jpg

Taylor Davidson

In Child Care Since: 2018

At Hidden Valley Since: 2023

Taylor was born and raised in Duluth, not far from HVP. She grew up babysitting and nannying in the summers, helping out at daycares, Sunday school and summer camps.

After high school, she started to nanny while going to college and then just never gave up nannying! She began helping at HVP in 2023 and have since claimed Wednesday mornings with the kids. She says it has become one of the best parts of her week!

Taylor is incredibly warm, patient, and kind. She has a beautiful ability to connect with the preschoolers and find activities that really interest them. She offers great comfort when they are sad.

She recently got married to her husband Nate and they live in Woodland with their Lab/Mastiff, Jett. They love snowboarding in the winter and going to the cabin in the summer. 

Miss Taylor's Favorites:

Fall activity: Hiking with the fall colors and

all of Duluth's best views


Winter activity: Snowboarding


Ice cream flavor: Strawberry Cheesecake


Color: Light Blue


Hobby: Crafting & going on walks


Children’s Book: The Pout Pout Fish


Song to Sing at School: Milkshake by KooKoo Kangaroo


Drink: Alani Nu energy drinks


Thing to Bake/Cook: Cupcakes!


Animal: Penguins!


Number: 3


Duluth hiking spot: Hartley and Hawks Ridge

Fall 23 Audrey.JPG

Audrey Menor

In Child Care Since: 2019

At Hidden Valley Since: 2023

 Audrey officially started child care in high school when she worked at a daycare here in town. Then she moved to Oregon for college and fit in nannying anywhere she could. Fast forward to the summer of 2023, she moved back to the Duluth area and started at Hidden Valley.


Audrey has unending patience and compassion for the preschoolers. She also provides lots of fun and enthusiasm with group games. The preschoolers are especially delighted when

she leads driveway running races with them. 

She will continue to work here while she finishes the rest of her Elementary Education degree at UW-Superior. Her dad was a teacher his whole career which inspired her immensely. She saw the amount of pride he had in his work as a teacher and just how happy he was doing it. She says she has no doubt she'll feel the same way when she has her own elementary classroom someday!


Miss Audrey's Favorites:

Meal: Pho

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Summer activity: Paddle boarding

Winter Activity: Snowmobiling 

Movie: My Girl 

Month: May

Children’s Book: Frog and Toad 

Hobby: Puzzles

Duluth hiking spot: Lester River area

Dessert: Apple Crisp 


Rachel Mason

In Child Care Since: 2002

At Hidden Valley Since: 2014

Rachel grew up on a farm next to a tiny town in Rural North Dakota and has loved making music her whole life. She holds a BA in music education and English education from the University of Jamestown, is a Kindermusik trained teacher, and has been teaching early childhood music since 2001. For the past 15 years, Rachel has been bringing her early childhood music curriculum to assisted living centers. This unique environment has brought toddlers, preschoolers, their parents, and elderly residents together to make music.

Rachel teaches at HVP most Thursday mornings. Her lessons are nothing short of magical as she is able to hold 12 preschoolers’ attention for 45 minutes! She uses movement along with bins and bins of preschool instruments and other hands-on tools to keep her lessons exciting and fresh.

With 5 kids of her own and a noisy crazy house, Rachel still finds time to sing in the Arrowhead Chorale, and plays numerous instruments (piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, a little flute, French horn, and cello). She also has a large private piano and voice studio, and is also a lifestyle photographer who loves to naturally document the experiences of families and children. She loves Lake Superior, reading, and writing. 

Miss Rachel's Favorites:

Letter: Z

Number: 14

Color: Purple

Fall activity: Hiking

Summer activity: Visiting Lake Superior

Vegetable: Green Beans

Thing to bake: Bread and cookies

Flower: Tulips

Animal: Cats

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