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 Welcome to Hidden Valley Preschool 

Our Priorities


Research and experience has taught us that children learn best through play. We provide the plan behind the play to support and guide children's development while they explore and discover.

Healthy Snacks

We pride ourselves on providing balanced, nutritious, organic snacks. We are happy to accommodate special diets and allergies. We especially enjoy including students in the food selection and preparation.


The ability to regulate one's own emotions, recognize emotions in others, and problem solve is essential for Kindergarten and on into adulthood. We model these skills and support development with targeted strategies.

Fresh Air

Twice a day, every day, our
preschoolers play outside –
biking, building, digging, puddle jumping, searching for bugs, sledding, swinging, and climbing.


Our Mission

As the first five years of life are the most significant years in a child’s development, Early Childhood Education is the key to building a great foundation for a child’s educational success. Hidden Valley Preschool strives to provide a quality learning environment based on play, which builds confidence in children and prepares them for Kindergarten.  We focus on hands-on exploration and discovery, while supporting development of interpersonal relationships and emotional regulation. We do not discriminate against anyone based on race, creed, religion, sex, disability, or national origin.

What Parents Think

"Children are happy at Hidden Valley and they get to be kids. They get to play, run, laugh, and discover new things...I know that my kids have greatly benefited from the time they have spent at Hidden Valley now, and far into the future"

- Kaitlyn

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